Same Sex Weddings in Toronto

Spring and Summer is a BIG time for weddings!

And Toronto is a great place to have your wedding! Since June of 2003, same sex marriages have been legal in Ontario.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you can get a marriage license. There is an application process through the city clerks office. The process is pretty straight forward and there is a fee of $130.


The Basics

» Obtain a marriage license

» Have two witnesses join you for the ceremony

» Obtain a marriage certificate after the ceremony

Whether you are looking to have something small and intimate or big and grand! There are lot’s of options in Toronto. Gay Toronto Tourism provides a list offices and civic centres

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien announced that Ottawa will move toward legalizing same-sex marriages earlier in this decade, she said  “We will not be appealing the recent decision on the definition of marriage. Rather we will be proposing legislation that will protect the right of churches and religious organizations to sanctify marriage as they define it.”

“At same time we’ll ensure that our legislation includes a legally recognized same-sex couple.”

    “Homosexuals are equal members of society; entitled to the same rights as anyone else. Why, then, should they be denied the right to marry?”
The Globe and Mail, December 6, 2000

“Homosexuality is. Simple as that. And those who are gay and lesbian don’t deserve to be discriminated against just because they choose a same sex partner. What are us straights so afraid of?”
The Winnipeg Sun, columnist Laurie Mustard, January 21, 2001

    Will the United States ever wake up??

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