Lazybones Flash Mob for Valentines at Toronto Market

A Valentine’s Day Flash Mob featuring 20 kissing couples hoping to spread some love by surprising unsuspecting shoppers and vendors at a Toronto, Canada market is the newest YouTube Sensation, and is also creating quite the controversy! The video is touching and moving, and to some, perhaps shocking?

The Valentine’s Day Kissing Flash Mob showcases people from all walks of life kissing at a Toronto market. As you will see in the video, one of the vendors at the market was quite distraught at such a public display of love and affection.

The video was the brainchild of the independent Canadian band Lazybones  in the hopes of spreading some love across the world on Valentine’s Day and beyond.   It’s a nice attempt.  Not the best flash mob project we have seen, but cute.

“We wanted  the song to be the perfect sweet love song. But we wanted it to have tension. So we made a song that sounds perfectly sweet at first, but secretly critiques the very notion of romantic love that many of us are obsessed with, and what it costs to get it. We wanted to celebrate love, but make it clear that love is everywhere, in multiple forms – many of these significantly different than the form we have delivered to us thousands of times a year in Disney fairy-tales, romantic comedies, and sitcoms. We wanted to point out the ways in which love is purchased by wealth, and even by forced clichés that evoke a Pavlovian response of conditioned romanticism. But we wanted to also point out that love is real, pure, and beautiful despite these tensions. With the help of some amazing musicians, including guest vocals from Jill Barber, I felt like we had accomplished that. In fact, we were so excited about this little song that we wanted to release it as a single – not as part of a record.”


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