Casper Andreas Shows GOING DOWN IN LA LA LAND inToronto May 22

Going Down in LA-LA Land 
premiered at this year’s Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Miami as the coveted final night feature this week. And got RAVE REVIEWS!

 It will  show  in TORONTO May 22nd, and Casper will be in town for the screening!

Going Down in LA-LA Land
TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 1
Sunday May 22 | 9:15pm

Based on the novel penned by Andy Zeffer, this film explores the ups and down, and trials and tribulations of trying to make it in Hollywood. What would you do to survive and achieve your ultimate dream? 

Directed by Casper Andreas, the film stars Matthew Ludwinski as “Adam,” a Hollywood newbie looking to get his start in the world of lights—camera—action.

Adam is a recent transplant from New York City who has arrived in Los Angeles to make it big as an actor. Unfortunately, he shares his dream with thousands of other out-of-work actors, and when he lands a job as a production assistant at a porn company he is initially adamant that he is going to stay behind the scenes. It isn’t long, however, before the lure of extra cash sees Adam stepping in front of the camera and eventually turning to escorting.

We recently caught up with Matthew to talk about his starring role, the steamy sex scenes and working with Casper Andreas. 

“I know what it’s like to feel objectified.  I know what it’s like to feel used.  I know what it’s like to feel desperate.  And every actor has thought at some point about the casting couch, and has had the thought, “I wonder if it is possible to sleep my way to the top?” 

“But really his whole journey from arriving to Hollywood bright and excited to the process of his disillusionment—I’ve experienced all of that.  I think most actors have.”

When asked –  What was it like working with director Casper Andreas?

“Casper and I were already friendly from working together on his film, “Between Love & Goodbye ,” a few years ago.  I knew we liked each other and would get along.  We became good friends working on this movie.  It made coming to work everyday a blast!  I also came to ADORE the two other leads, Allison Lane and Michael Medico.  Working with people you like is such a joy.  I couldn’t wait to start each day.”

  Casper Andreas has done several popular films.

Including Slutty Summer and A Four Letter Word

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Watch for this film to come to your town!
We’ll be covering it all this summer!
It is the #1  Must See Gay Film of the year!
(it’s in Boston this weekend!)

         Casper’s  latest  DVD   …… 

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