Toronto Pride Video Showcases Diversity NOT Stereotypes

EVERYONE is up in arms this week over a cute, silly little video for Toronto Pride.

Tourism Toronto
, in partnership with Pride Toronto, launched its P90X parody Pride Pump 2000x, filled with a mix of gays and lesbians  and the workouts are led by the dainty, over-sexed, workout-obsessed pretty boy.

In the video, instructor Brody wears skintight shorts to show off his glistening oil-rubbed skin, promoting a gym lifestyle centred on the fact that  many gay men and women want is “the best chest.” Amid “sparkle crunches,” a “disco break,” a  “bear” appearance and a lesbian who is grossed out by a penis (aren’t most women??)  – I THINK IT’S CUTE AND FUNNY.

Stereotypes… exist for a reason people!

Where is your sense of humor?  Stereotypes exist because they sometimes are accurate. If there weren’t enough true examples around, nobody could create a “stereotype” to begin with. The stereotype might not be true ALL the time, but it’s true often enough to give it solid purchase in people’s perceptions.

Do you not know a gym obsessed, weight obsessed, or  a fem guy?

So you at PRIDE.  With my shirt off!


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