Toronto Nuit Blanche All Night Art Event Oct. 1

I always feel like fall has officially
arrived when Nuit Blanche happens! 

For one sleepless night experience the city transformed by hundreds of artists for Toronto’s sixth annual sunset-to-sunrise celebration of contemporary art.

Discover art in galleries, museums and unexpected places. From a streetcar, alleyways and storefronts to churches, ponds and parks, choose from more than 130 destinations and chart your own path.

One night only. All night long. Oct. 1,  6:59PM – Sunrise.

FOR 2011 – Discover more than 130 free and accessible contemporary art projects within three zones. Each zone features a mixture of Exhibition Projects and Independent Projects.

Some works encourage an intimate, evocative encounter with art, while others will wow you with large-scale interactive spectacle.

As a centrepiece to the event, the City of Toronto has produced a special project for 2011. Visit Toronto City Hall for Flightpath Toronto, a soaring installation by Usman Haque and Natalie Jeremijenko.

Originating in Paris, Toronto pays homage to its French roots by creating its own version of “Nuit Blanche.” Translating to “White Night,” Canada’s largest city is transformed by more than 500 artists through 130 different projects. In it’s 6th year, Nuit Blanche will welcome more than 1 million visitors–from dusk until dawn!

Drink Coffee  and  STAY UP!!

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