Toronto Pride Has A Man Getting Waxed in the Streets

OUCH! But what a clever marketing idea!
Smoother skin prevailed last week as Fuzz Wax Bar brought ‘Street Waxing’ to
Toronto. And the project, developed by Fuzz’ partner agency Lowe Roche, is fast becoming one of the most talked about stunts of the summer.The Fuzz Wax Bar team wanted to show weekend festivalgoers that waxing is worth it. Onlookers were invited to tear a wax-strip off a male model, covered entirely in wax-coated strips. As more and more people pulled wax-strips from his body, he was left hairless – and completely ‘exposed’ – in the Toronto streets.

“As Toronto’s original wax bar, we’re always looking for new ways to generate awareness, and so we were thrilled with this innovative idea which we knew from the outset would literally stop traffic.”

Yeah, we all want to see a half naked smooth man in the streets!

Watch the video

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